Elevating Employee Retention Through Corporate Concierge Services

  In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition and retention, organizations are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty. One such solution gaining traction is the incorporation of corporate concierge services to manage the personal errands and tasks of valued employees. This article explores how investing in a corporate concierge service can significantly impact employee retention and contribute to a thriving workplace culture. Valuing Employee Time and Well-being Time is a precious commodity, especially for busy professionals juggling work and personal responsibilities. By providing a corporate concierge service, employers demonstrate a commitment to their employees' well-being by alleviating the burden of mundane tasks. Whether it's meeting contractors at the home, shopping for groceries and gifts, the concierge service allows employees to focus more on their work and personal priorities, leading to reduced stress and increased job satisfaction. Enhancing Work-Life Balance Work-life balance is crucial for employee happiness and retention. When employees feel supported in managing their personal obligations, they experience less burnout and are more likely to remain loyal to their employer. A corporate concierge service can help create a harmonious balance by taking care of time-consuming tasks that often spill over into personal time, thereby allowing employees to enjoy more quality time with their families and pursue personal interests. Boosting Productivity and Focus Employees can devote more energy and concentration to their core responsibilities when they are not distracted by personal errands. A corporate concierge service contributes to a more productive work environment by minimizing interruptions and ensuring that employees remain focused on their professional tasks. This increased productivity can lead to improved performance and greater contributions to organizational goals. Differentiating as an Employer of Choice In today's competitive job

#1 Way To Retrieve Equipment From Terminated Employees

According to Jack Flynn’s June 13, 2023 article, “25 Trending Remote Work Statistics [2023]: Facts, Trends, and Projections”, 5.7% of US employees were working remotely in 2018. This increased dramatically to 41.7% during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been holding steady at 26-27% for the past two years. We can all agree remote working is here to stay.This is our new norm and we are all making adjustments accordingly. However, this new reality begs an important question. How are corporations going to get their computers and other IT assets back from remote workers when they are terminated or laid off? With over 150 highly skilled customer service team members geographically dispersed across the US. TimeSquared Concierge is the only boots-on-the-ground provider focused on retrieving company tech. All across the US, our team members physically go to the homes of terminated employees, pick up the company-issued assets and return them to their rightful owner. Our clients are recognizing a 500 – 900% return on investment. Also, by outsourcing IT Asset retrievals to TimeSquared, their recovery rate has increased from 20% to 90+%. #RemoteWorking #DistributedTeams #Offboarding #RemoteWorkers #DeviceRetrieval #SeamlessOffboarding #EquipmentRetrieval #ITAM #HAM #HardwareAssetManagement #ITAssetRecovery #TerminatedEmployees #RemoteWorkers #ITAD Contact: Andrea@TimeSquaredConcierge.com or 888.839.1662  https://timesquaredconcierge.com/asset-recovery/

How do you retrieve company equipment from terminated remote workers?

According to the SHRM.org article, A terminated employee has not returned company equipment. Can the employer hold the paycheck until the equipment is returned, or deduct the cost from the final pay?  “An employer cannot withhold a terminated employee's paycheck until equipment is returned.” So, what is the best solution?  Not retrieving company issued computers and other assets is not only a significant cost, but also a security concern.  Protecting the company’s intellectual property and company assets is paramount.  But what is the best method of retrieval?  Many companies are making no attempt to retrieve their assets while others are sending, pre-paid, self-addressed boxes to the terminated employees with a request for them to mail back the company assets.  However, many companies are reporting less than 40% of the equipment successfully returned through this method.   TimeSquared Concierge has launched an equipment retrieval division to recover company assets from terminated employees and deliver to remote working new hires. TimeSquared serves the entire United States. There is no set up fee and no monthly minimum. Companies are charged monthly for time spent at an hourly rate. https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/hr-qa/pages/returnequipment.aspx  

Nothing Says, “You are Appreciated” Like Snacks!

TimeSquared Concierge is sending out Employee Appreciation Snack Boxes at HALF THE PRICE of the larger gift box providers. We are customizing these yummy gifts with the corporate client's logo and personalized notes inside. We recently sent gifts to the 2,200 home addresses  of a corporate client's remote workers.  Let us recognize your valued employees! If you would like a customized gift for your valued employees... and who doesn't... pls. contact Andrea@TimeSquaredConcierge.com 888-839-1662. #EmployeeEngagement #RemoteWorker #EmployeeRecognition

Remote Working Is Here To Stay

  Remote Working is here to stay. McKinsey's article, "Fostering employee productivity and morale during COVID-19" speaks to the ways and importance of maintaining employee productivity and employee engagement with a remote workforce. The article suggests, "Leaders might take into account the challenges people are encountering in balancing their work lives with their personal lives. This is particularly true for working parents and other caregivers." What assistance are you providing your people to help them stay focused while working from home - with or without kids attending virtual school in the next room and safeguarding elderly family members with a  compromised immune system? The national errand running capabilities of  Timesquared Concierge have transitioned from a "nice to have" to a "must have" for many employers.   We  complete all of the personal errands (weekly grocery shopping, Target and Costco runs, driving vehicles for service, taking pets to the vet and so much more) allowing the employees to focus on the job at hand.  Providing TimeSquared Concierge as an employee benefit send a clear message that their employer understands their personal challenges. https://www.mckinsey.com/about-us/covid-response-center/leadership-mindsets/podcasts/fostering-employee-productivity-and-morale-through-covid-19#

The holiday season is our time to shine!

Concierges are the season’s magical elves committed to making every customer’s dream a reality and this season was no exception.  From collecting enough pine cones for a client to write a marriage proposal in the snow to making custom gift baskets for a someone described as, “strongly self identifies as a Jewish, Chilean Vegan”.  We are the ones convincing the salesperson at a discount retailer to hide the designer handbags when they arrive and call us immediately as a matter of national importance.  We include notes in our contacts with the names of our clients’ relatives and what we bought for Aunt Edna last Christmas.  Please don’t get offended when we remind you of your spouse’s birthday or email you a simple, make ahead recipe for your neighborhood potluck. We just might keep you out of the “dog house” or save you a couple of frantic hours in the kitchen! We are the ones who drive across town for a friend who is under the weather, because we know that nothing has more healing power than receiving your favorite soup and a thoughtful note. Of course, we always include a small box of chocolate …. for medicinal purposes. We are driven to make the magic happen.  I use the word “driven” because it is a calling.  It is something deep within a true concierge.  There is a delight that we feel when we make even the smallest dream come true. So, hug your concierge.  This time of year, they are easy to spot.  They are exhausted but have that satisfied look of a job well done plastered across their merry little face! We look forward to making your life better in 2019! http://TimeSquaredConcierge.com

What Millennials told us they value in the workplace

Because they confound the leadership so much, leaders will say “what do you want?” And millennials will say “we want to work in a place with purpose, we want to make an impact, we want free food and bean bag chairs.” And yet when provided all these things they are still not happy.  ~ Simon Sinek’s interview on Millennials   Millennials get a pretty bad rap. This generation—defined as the group born between 1982 and 2004—have been labeled as lazy, entitled and overly obsessed with their smart phones. Simon Sinek added insecure and monumentally depressed to the list. Even so, Millennials are the leaders of the future.  What these future leaders want most is change. I know what you are going to say. They just want everything handed to them. Participation trophy syndrome! Well, a recent study conducted by Gallup.com shows evidence that Millennials may be more like you than you think. As a matter a fact, the scores for employee engagement and workplace satisfaction were pretty even across the board. Based on the 200,000 Americans surveyed only about 1/3 of people are engaged at work. This number includes all generations currently in the workforce. So the real question is, if everyone feels that they are waiting for employers to provide what they need to keep them engaged, how do Millennials differ from the previous generations? The difference is, Millennials aren’t willing to wait. This dissatisfaction results in the job hopping that Millennials are so famous for. At TimeSquared Concierge it is our job to make sure your employees are well taken care of so they can stay focused at work. That is why we created a survey to find out exactly what millennials really want in

Lessons From the Edge

   “I see hundreds of high-level professionals who are brilliant, achievement-oriented and accomplished, but at the same time exhausted, depleted, depressed and demoralized.  In the pursuit of a great career, they’ve compromised their health and well-being.  …Sacrificing your health and well-being demonstrates your lack of prioritizing yourself as important, failing to understand that you must care for yourself before you can be of true service to anyone else, your organization, yourfamily or your employer.” ~ Kathy Caprino for Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2012/09/05/what-you-should-never-compromise-on-while-building-your-career/#70cbc8a95298   Picture this. I’m at a large consulting firm and meeting an executive client for the first time, I turn to greet her and notice immediately that her eye is twitching so wildly that she can’t even make eye contact with us.  What we learn is she was just notified that she would be traveling out of the country the next day on business and her housekeeper just reported that the washer broke mid spin cycle.  So, the clothes she needed for the trip are submerged in 15 gallons of soapy water. The icing on the cake is that the housekeeper doesn’t speak English.  I explain we will have a Spanish-speaking team member call the housekeeper and ask her to take the wet clothes to the laundromat to wash them.  Meanwhile a member of our team headed to the house to check the warranty and manage the washer repair. When I mentioned we would pick up voltage converters and healthy snacks for her trip on the way, I saw a tear roll down her face.  She said nothing.  I opened my arms and gave her a big hug.  Dare we admit that we have been that executive a time or two?  Perhaps you are surrounded by

Building Your Corporate Culture…one small gesture at a time

The September 2014 Robert Half article titled, “9 Low-Cost Ways to Keep Employee Retention High” reminds us that it is often the small gestures that are important.  But, isn’t that usually the case in life?  Men, don’t get me wrong, expensive jewelry is always appreciated!  However, dare I admit that remembering my favorite dessert or finding a message on a Post It note when I open my laptop can mean almost as much.   This concept reminds me of the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither is your company’s culture.  The foundation may be your Core Values and Mission Statement, but you have an opportunity to lay bricks each day with the small gestures and initiatives that are in complete alignment.  An example of one small initiative at TimeSquared Concierge is that we gather personal information during on-boarding and you never know when that information may be used to surprise you.  For example, your favorite ice cream flavor may be purchased for the office when you make a big sale or your favorite type of flowers might be sent to you when you are out sick.  We are in the business of anticipating needs and making our clients feel special.  Why wouldn’t we do the same for our valued employees. After all, without them, our company simply couldn’t succeed. I’d love to hear some of your signature small gestures that shape your corporate culture. https://www.roberthalf.com/blog/9-low-cost-ways-to-keep-employee-retention-high

Great advice on ways to safeguard our four-legged family members

We are always looking for ways to keep you happy and healthy! So, we'd like to share this blog post from K-9 Coach.  They are a great dog training, grooming, boarding company that we highly recommend.  This particular post is important because it warns all of us about some foods that you probably didn't realize could be harmful to your pet.  For example, grapes could cause renal failure in dogs and Macadamia nuts can be poisonous!  So, heed these warnings...... no matter how much they give you those pleading "puppy dog eyes". http://www.k-9coach.com/category/blog/