Inspire Your Audience

Whether your group or organization is interested in entrepreneurship, fast-paced growth of a business, successful women in business, or challenges of mothers returning to work, Andrea’s humorous, plain spoken delivery is guaranteed to thrill all in attendance. Andrea is an experienced keynote speaker, lecturer, and instructor with a keen ability to inspire audiences to follow in her foot steps to success. She is a speaker you will never forget.

Success Stories

Andrea’s success stories resonate. They inspire others and implement clear, practical teachings. She will teach our audience how to succeed and convince them that you can!

Topic Example: Keep Everyone Rowing In The Same Direction! 

Today’s work environment includes a complex mix of employees. Some work from home. Others work at an office or client site. Many travel extensively while others work a variety of office hours. This can lead to a disjointed work force. So, “How do you keep all of your employees sharing the same company vision and operating accordingly?”

#1  First, instill the concept that “no man is an island.” All employees are part of a team.

#2  As a leader, develop a structure that requires employees to take part in frequent, quick team meetings. Review the concept of the “daily huddle” as detailed by Verne Harnish in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

#3  Recognize the individuality of the each employee and their unique talents. Each of our employees has regular meetings with their direct supervisor.

#4  Routinely speaking to the company’s vision is crucial. For example, during each monthly team meeting of our front line customer service employees, we share at least one customer service success story about one of the attendees.

“Andrea is a captivating speaker, a passionate coach, and a willful mentor.
She brings the same combination of skills that she used to build 2Placesat1Time to the Hob Nob
advisory team, and we realize how lucky we are to have her help. Andrea has helped shape
Hob Nob’s strategy through her enthusiastic involvement and insightful feedback, and I’d highly
recommend that anyone with the opportunity to learn from her take her up on it!”
-Ben Harris Founder HobNo

Past Speaking Engagements

• Keynote speaker at the Georgia Tech Women’s Leadership Conference
• Georgia Tech IMPACT speaker
• Andrea was featured on the jumbotron with President Jimmy Carter during Ga. Tech orientation
• Georgia Tech’s School of Entrepreneurship
• The College of Management and Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship
• Emory University’s Business School
• The Springboard Conference
• Women in Business
• The Tennessee Benefits Professionals
• The Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation (HOBY).