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A Little About the TimeSquared Solution

Balancing work and life is one of the hottest issues of our time. Increasing work demands is a primary factor. With recent downsizing, employees often take on the tasks of two or three people. Working 50-60 hours per week doesn’t leave much time to take care of responsibilities at home, which increases stress, and leaves little time to enjoy family and hobbies. Today’s corporations are trending toward providing more corporate perks and work-family integration programs to improve productivity, increase morale and ultimately aid employee retention and attraction. This better business culture is especially essential to Millennials. And for corporations, it adds to the bottom line.

TimeSquared is the leading concierge company for the technology industry. Other enterprise experience spans insurance, legal, accounting, banking, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, retail, advertising, healthcare, biotech, defense and more. Over the years, one philosophy hasn’t changed — superior service and exceptional technology combine to pattern the best foundation for success.