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#1 Way To Retrieve Equipment From Terminated Employees

According to Jack Flynn’s June 13, 2023 article, “25 Trending Remote Work Statistics [2023]: Facts, Trends, and Projections”, 5.7% of US employees were working remotely in 2018. This increased dramatically to 41.7% during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been holding steady at 26-27% for the past two years. We can all agree remote working is here to stay.This is our new norm and we are all making adjustments accordingly. However, this new reality begs an important question. How are corporations going to get their computers and other IT assets back from remote workers when they are terminated or laid off? With over 150 highly skilled customer service team members geographically dispersed across the US. TimeSquared Concierge is the only boots-on-the-ground provider focused on retrieving company tech. All across the US, our team members physically go to the homes of terminated employees, pick up the company-issued assets and return them to their rightful owner. Our clients are recognizing a 500 – 900% return on investment. Also, by outsourcing IT Asset retrievals to TimeSquared, their recovery rate has increased from 20% to 90+%. #RemoteWorking #DistributedTeams #Offboarding #RemoteWorkers #DeviceRetrieval #SeamlessOffboarding #EquipmentRetrieval #ITAM #HAM #HardwareAssetManagement #ITAssetRecovery #TerminatedEmployees #RemoteWorkers #ITAD Contact: Andrea@TimeSquaredConcierge.com or 888.839.1662  https://timesquaredconcierge.com/asset-recovery/

Spectacular Small Business Pivot

I have always believed the #1 advantage small businesses have over their larger counterparts is agility.  The speed at which we adapt to change is critical to our success.  The Covid Pandemic was the perfect opportunity to test that theory.  At TimeSquared Concierge, we sell concierge and errand running services as an employee benefit.  However, as droves of employees began working remotely, corporations were unsure about the future landscape of corporate America. As a result, they shelved all new employee benefit purchases.  Although we didn’t lose any existing clients, our pipeline of new business dried up immediately.  What would you do in this situation? First, we analyzed our unique capabilities.  Our company’s most valuable asset is our team of highly skilled customer service professionals across the entire United States.  Our coverage and quality are unparalleled.  The dramatic increase of remote workers brought on by pandemic created a never seen before issue.  How do you get your computers and other company assets back from terminated employees?  That is a problem we can solve!  So, TimeSquared Concierge launched an equipment retrieval division. We are the only company who physically goes to the home of the offboarded employee, retrieves the equipment and returns it to the employer. This service is saving companies tens of thousands of dollars in equipment while also protecting companies’ sensitive and proprietary data.  With no monthly minimum and no set up fee, we can serve companies of all sizes.  As this division of our company grows exponentially, we wonder what is your pivot? #HAM, #ITAM, #AssetManagement #RemoteWorking #TerminatedEmployee #ComputerEquipment #Offboarding, #RemoteWorking, #RemoteWorkers, #TerminatedEmployees, #OffboardingStrategy, #ITAD, #AssetManagement, #AssetRecovery, #ComputerEquipment, #LaptopRetrieval, #DistributedTeams, #RetrieveCompanyAssets, #RecoverAssetsFromRemoteWorkers, #RecoverAssetsFromOffboardedEmployees, #RemoteDeviceReturns, #RemoteEmployees, #OffboardedEmployees, #HardwareAssetManagement, #ITAssetManagement, #RemoteAssetManagement   “The #1 advantage small