Your employees work hard providing you with the services and products you need on an ongoing basis. As a result, your company is profitable and may even be growing and expanding. That’s why it is so important to keep your employees happy. Many small businesses (and large ones, too) don’t always see the opportunities for boosting employee morale or offering incentives because they believe these to be too expensive or not desired by the staff. Here are a few simple steps you can take that can make an immediate, positive impression on your employees…and, they do not have to cost a lot!

#1: Give Your Employees Power Breaks

One of the best ways to give your employees something they need – and will always appreciate – is by giving them a power break. According to TDS Connect’s March 2015 business blog entry aptly named, “Employee Appreciation: Unique perks and practices in retention”, studies show that 17-20 minute pause provides a refreshing break and yields increased productivity.   Recent surveys indicate that individuals who get 15 to 20-minute breaks throughout the workday are more productive than those who work hours on end without interruption. How can you do this? Encourage your employees to take a walk, lounge or even nap for 20 minutes in the late morning or early afternoon hours. That little bit of relaxation and peace – especially away from computers and phones – can transform them.

#2: Give Them Concierge Services

Help your employees focus on the job at hand by taking care of some of life’s more mundane tasks for them. For example, provide them with a concierge service that can handle their time-consuming research, like travel or event planning, take their vehicles in for service, or complete all of their shopping. Providing this benefit is one of the simplest ways you can bring a smile to your employee’s face while boosting productivity.

#3: Give Them Key Services

Providing employees with perks they want is important, and it is easier to do than you may think. Here are a few key options:

  • Provide entertainment options such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • Provide access to gym memberships.
  • Schedule house cleaning or lawn care services for your employees upon their wishes.

The key here is to give them something they desire. An easy way to accomplish this is through a cafeteria offering that allows employees to pick the services right for their needs.

#4: Provide Breakfast

Keeping employees happy and motivated is easier to do on a full stomach. Providing breakfast, even if it is just a simple set of options, is one way to do that. You’ll get them into the office earlier and may even be able to encourage a healthy start to the day.

#5: Provide Leadership Tools

Also important is providing employees with opportunities to advance and grow. Give them leadership courses or encourage them to train in new positions so they can learn more.

These simple steps can make a big difference in the way your employees see yourcompany.  They also show you appreciate them and recognize that they are your greatest asset. These low-cost jesters will yield tremendous returns.